Our patient often tell us how we have positively affected their lives. We would like to share their stories with you:

Dear Dr. Lipskis, 

Thank you so much for fitting me in on Wednesday and saving my Thanksgiving. My jaw started feeling better right away and I'm almost back to 100%. I so appreciate it!

Thanks again, Matt S


Lynn please share this. By the way, I mean every word below.

I have attempted to treat myself and my TMJ's pain/symptoms for over 10 years. Why? Because I have had great results in treating my patients for the same problems. All of them had their pain/symptoms resolved, but all needed Phase 2 orthodontics to support their "new" jaw position. So why, with the same protocol couldn't I get better?

I had significant lower back pain for over 20 years. Playing golf was hit or miss... some days the pain was too much. I had visited a chiropractor and even physicial therapy for my lower back 3 days a week for 2-3 years. Yet, I didn't fix the source, i.e. my jaw, and I didn't get any real improvement. I wore my orthotic religiously for 10+ years, which irreversibly altered my bite. I just assumed that, being a dentist and hunched over a dental chair for my professional life, back pain was something I just had to live with.

I have known both Ed and Lynn LIpskis for over 15 years. I met them at numerous orthodontic courses given by the "experts" in dentistry. I knew that Dr. Lynn had limited her practice to just TMJ disorders and Sleep therapy. I reached out to both Drs. Lipskis in February 2015 and asked them if she/they would treat me. Sure, it would mean that I would have to fly to Chicago to be treated...small issue to be treated by the best!

I coordinated with her office and headed to Chicago. Dr. Lynn inspired me to continue my education with Dr. Steve Olmos, a legend in TMJ therapy and sleep disorders. I signed up for Dr. Olmos' mini residency and was being treated by Dr. Lynn at the same time. My life would never be the same!

Dr. Lynn suggested I get a sleep study based upon my history and her clinical expertise. I did and I was diagnosed with mild obstructive sleep apnea. Dr. Lynn treated my TMJ disorder and sleep apnea simultaneously.

I received my daytime orthotic anfd nighttime sleep appliance on April 16, 2015 and immediately noticed a difference. I woke refreshed and over the first two weeks, my lower back pain started to subside. Over the next two months, I returned to the chiropractor and the sdjustments to my lower back would finally "hold" because the source of the pain, my jaw, was being properly treated. I haven't felt this good in over 20 years!! My golf partners are paying for my ability to swing a club pain free!

Moreover, I have applied this same philosophy and protocol to my practice to better treat my own TM disorder and sleep apnea patients, with like results. I am now helping people in pain and improving the quality of their lives. There is no greater feeling than to hear patients say that what I've done for them is life giving.

Thank you Lynn and Ed... I am forever indebted to you both. What you have done for me, and in return, my patients, has been life changing.

Your friend,

Dr. Terry Billings Metairie, LA


Dear Dr. Lynn Lipskis,

Thank you for the alternative treatment for my condition of sleep apnea. I had been attempting to use a CPAP machine without success. I found the full face mask to be very claustrophobic as well as the tubing to be very restrictive. Neither promoted restful sleep. As such I did not use the CPAP machine and my sleep apnea was not treated.

Your office completed a comprehensive assessment for treating my sleep apnea and prescribed a dental appliance. The appliance has been LIFE CHANGING and has exceeded my expectations. I am sleeping soundly through the night and waking well rested and refreshed. Additonally, I have appreciated your follow-up concerning the dental appliance. TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre has set the gold standard for medical treatment.

Finally, I travel for business and the dental appliance fits nicely in my breif case. Often I see people going through airports struggling with their CPAP machines. I am grateful that with your help I am not dealing with a CPAP machine and my sleep apnea is being effectively treated.


Peter H.